Heavy Duty Mounting Plate for Furniture and Beds, Set of 2


Heavy Duty Mounting Plate for Furniture and Beds, Set of 2

Product description

These specially designed mounting plates are ideal for repairing, reinforcing, or building beds or furniture; versatile screw mounting arrangements to fit your specific needs. The mounting plates feature 2 slots and have additional screw holes for flexibility in installation.

Using these plates provides nearly invisible and extremely strong support. It can be easily mounted vertically or horizontally to provide bracing, support, or reinforcement for your bed or piece of furniture. Provides the strength you need where most other brackets fail; packaged in pairs.

These Heavy Mounting Plate for Furniture and Beds are sold as a set of 2.

Extremely strong and invisible
Dimensions of recesses should be taken directly from the fittings
Use #6 flat head screw to install plate & Use #10 pan head screw for keyhole

Material: Steel
Screw holes: With 2 horizontal slots and additional screw holes
Leg length: 55 / 45 mm
Width: 50 mm
Material thickness: 2 mm

Area of application: For fixing the carcase rail without an existing side panel or for use as a universal connection bracket
Installation: For screw fixing to base and carcase rail with countersunk head screws M4x10 mm, hexagonal nut, and lock washer