NBC Gas Mask Respirator Filter Cartridge Replacement RD40/40mm NATO Compatible

$64.99 $79.99 -19% OFF

NBC Gas Mask Respirator Filter Cartridge Replacement RD40/40mm NATO Compatible

$64.99 $79.99 -19% OFF
Product description

The Mollywhopper NBC Gas Mask Respirator Filter Cartridge Replacement is 40mm NATO Compliant. Your family's life can be saved and protected from several environmental exposure threats with the respiratory protection you require. Designed to give off clean air and shield your face from gas, vapor, or other airborne particles. Excellent for emergencies, chemical agent exposure, or working with industrial fumes. Effectively keep off hazardous gases and pungent scents. A vital must for anyone who lives close to railroad tracks. Let you inhale and exhale freely wherever you are!

Excellent for many workplaces as well! Chemicals, glass, metal, paint, agricultural gases, and other irritants are present in work locations. Prevents mechanical dust from activities like welding, sawing, sanding, painting, etc. Filters must be replaced regularly but respirators can be reused. Replace the filter cartridge right away if you experience greater breathing difficulty or detect an unpleasant odor.

Using easily accessible Military RD40 type filters for straightforward screw on/off. (The RD40 uses a 40mm connector and is a typical military or tactical style filter.)

NBC SURVIVOR Model for nuclear, biological, and chemical comprehensive home or tactical survival protection. Use for Dioxins or Train Wrecks and Derailments! (D-A/B/E/K-2)

NBC 40mm Replacement Filter Canister
Carbon Activated Charcoal
Industry Standard 40 mm
Filters Organic Vapors, Inorganic Vapors, Acidic Gases, Ammonia, 99.97% Particulates

Replacement 40mm canister that is highly regarded. This NBC filter removes 99.97% of the airborne particles as well as organic, inorganic, acidic, and ammonia gases or vapors.

Standard 40mm Attachment for the Industry. Compatible with any mask that accepts 40mm filters, including respirators.

System for professional filtration. A variety of industries are protected by the NBC filter. Great for defense purposes, industrial employees, prepper needs, and many other things.
Benzene, Carbon Tetrachloride, Cyanogen, Chloride, Hydrocyanic Acid, Sulfur Dioxide, Dioxins, Ammonia, Alcohols, Epoxy Resin, Dust, and Grime are some of the common chemicals it protects against.

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