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"Dry Aging Beef at Home" Instructions & ... $12.49 $19.99
Instructions and Guide Booklet on how to Dry Age Beat at Home! Dry Age Chef Dry Aging Beef at Home A complete, curated, do-it-yourself program to fry age steaks at home with no nitrates, chemicals, or preservatives.  Dry Aging is the process that both tenderizes and adds pronounced flavor to beef. Dry Age Chef™ is the solution for the best steaks at home or anywhere. The world-over, the nest beef is dry-aged and people will marvel at your abilities. 
Himalayan Dry Aging Salt Brick by Dry Age Chef
Himalayan Dry Aging Salt Brick by Dry Ag... $34.00
Sold as a Single (1) 8" x 4" x 2" Salt Brick Jurassic-era salt mined from ancient deposits in the Himalayan Mountains using the traditional room and pillar method. Himalayan Dry Aging Salt Bricks serve to sanitize the air in your refrigerator while also absorbing moisture. The salt aerosolizes, bonding to the surface of the meat which plays a large part in the dry-aging process of beef. It also provides an additional element of flavor to the beef during the enzymatic breakdown process. All-Natural, Non-GMO Allergen-Free, Gluten-Free Lactose-Free, Vegetarian/Vegan Kosher Certified, Organic Compliant No preservatives or genetic engineering applied during production Does not contain melamine Processed and packed in the USA Color varies from white and pink to dark red Store in a dry environment with a humidity level below 75% Temperature should be ambient These dense blocks cook with near-perfect heat distribution while imparting a well-rounded salt flavor. They can be used as a cooking surface or in the oven. You can even chill them in the fridge or freezer and they become an elegant serving tray for fruits, sushi, vegetables, and cheese. Wipe with clean, damp cloth/paper towel to remove remaining food bits. Avoid running under water or submerging in water. Any remaining moisture can cause breakage upon heating. Be sure to let dry for at least 24 hours after exposure to moisture. No need for soap or detergent as it's naturally anti-fungal and anti-microbial. If you wish, occasionally freshen with a bit of lemon juice. The appearance of the brick will change over time. The more varieties of food cooked and served upon it, the more likely the surface will acquire various, interesting new color shades. This merely adds to the irregular beauty of the brick. It may also develop small fissures and cracks over time; this is typical with regular use. When finally too small for cooking or serving on, it's the perfect size to grate over food, break up for making soup, or even throw in your tub for a detoxifying salt bath. Salt Bricks are a natural product. Himalayan pink salt is a natural product mined from the Salt Range in Pakistan. No slab is alike; each has unique color and inclusions, resulting in a different threshold for pressure and temperature. While slabs are examined for weak spots, Wallace Flynn Inc. is not responsible for damages, injury, or loss due to any use of Himalayan salt products.
Large Beef Rack, Dry Aging Pan & Dry Aging Beef at Home Instructions & Guide Booklet by Dry Age Chef - Perfect for Dry Aging Steak at Home!
Large Beef Rack, Dry Aging Pan & Dry Agi... $40.36
Dry Age Chef provides combo packages as a way to provide savings along with proper items you will need to start dry-aging meat in the comfort of their own home. Heavy-duty rack support (six legs) will hold the largest cuts that are readily available. Save money and dry age steak at home. This combo package includes a Large Rack and Pan to hold your salt and your the beef or meat you would like to age, large enough to hold upwards to 22 - 24lbs. of beef! "Dry Aging Beef at Home" Instruction Booklet detailing the process of dry-aging so you can join the legions of other Dry Age Chefs.
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Del Destino Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3 Liter Tin Imported from Italy
Del Destino Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Ol... $63.87 $69.99
Olive Oil was a representation of peace in Greco-Roman times and has been a symbol of glory and a staple food source for the great Mediterranean for centuries. Del Destino Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from hearty, fresh olives and is drawn from the "first press" to retain the most natural flavor with a buttery and fruity aroma. As a cold-pressed oil, the olives aren't damaged by a heat source in the processing, ensuring pleasant and true organoleptic notes. Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains no trans fat and no cholesterol, thus a healthy addition for any kind of cooking, drizzling on vegetables, marinades, vinaigrettes, and finishing. Pure and healthy, this extra virgin olive oil is a smart addition to any kitchen! Its light and delicate taste are perfect for finishing focaccia bread, whisking together salad dressings, finishing pasta, and making croutons. Made from pressed olives, this olive oil can be used to add a Mediterranean flair to your meals, with recipes like antipasto platters and chickpea hummus. Healthier Alternative! Simply substitute extra virgin olive oil for butter or other oils in your cooking, and it's easy to make your dishes just a little bit healthier. Compared to other types of olive oil that may be diluted with soybean or canola oil, this extra virgin olive oil is extracted from olives using natural methods. Easy Pour Spout! Since it is pure, it has enhanced sensory qualities like taste and smell and it is high in healthy antioxidants. Extra virgin olive oil is heart-healthy, and it contains vitamins and beneficial fatty acids. Plus, its easy-pour spout makes dispensing a breeze. As good for your health as it is for your meals, you're sure to find plenty of uses for this premium extra virgin olive oil! Cold-Pressed Process! This oil goes through a cold-pressed process, meaning that no added heat is used when pressing the olives for oil to ensure a high-quality product. While adding heat to the process extracts more oil from the olives, it also destroys the delicate aromas and flavors that are great for enhancing the taste of your meals. Imported from Italy Kosher Keto Acidity 0-.8% Great for salad dressings, pasta dishes, and antipasto Pure, healthier oil High in antioxidants Cold pressing process extracts oil from olives and ensures a high-quality product As the most refined olive, its usage varies from desserts to main dishes. Replace butter with olive oil in a chocolate mousse recipe, for a thicker texture and more delicate taste.
Large Beef Rack and Dry Aging Pan by Dry Age Chef, Set of 3
Large Beef Rack and Dry Aging Pan by Dry... $87.34
 There's a craft to aging beef, it's a skill and a style that you can explore and learn with DryAgeChef, please see the combination savings kits we offer which contain everything you will need to get started. Along with being a great rack and pan for just dry aging, you can also try out alcohol aging using bourbon or whiskey. The pan does a great job of catching any excess liquid that is poured over the meat. 
Glory Record Book by Dry Age Chef
Glory Record Book by Dry Age Chef $26.99
  Keeping track of your dry aging process is important to monitor progress and, helps improve your skills. A place to record steps taken, comments, and results of dry aging beef at home, place for a pen (included) to stay handy. Space for sticker from your meat purchase along with two full pages of notes and reminders.
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Two Himalayan Salt Bricks & Dry Aging Booklet by Dry Age Chef
Two Himalayan Salt Bricks & Dry Aging Bo... $67.80 $69.99
Dry Aging essentials at a great discounted price.  We at Dry Age Chef believe anyone that values a good steak should consider dry aging in their own home.  This kit provides our instructional guide that explains in detail how easy it can be to dry age meat, valuable hints and tips to perfect the craft, and also 2 of our Himalayan Salt Bricks to place in your fridge to assist the process. . .trust us, having salt in the fridge is a huge help in drying your meat effectively and these large bricks do a wonderful job assisting the dry aging process.Whether you have toyed with dry aging before or are a complete newcomer, Dry Age Chef has all of the tools necessary for you to become a Beefmaster and make delicious dry aged steak in your home that could cost you hundreds of dollars at a restaurant.  Save money, impress your friends and family, enjoy your steak like never before.
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Stainless Steel Cheese Button Clincher
Stainless Steel Cheese Button Clincher $14.99 $24.99
Provide a memorable charcuterie presentation with this stainless steel cheese button clincher! This unique cheese tool helps hold cheese steady for efficient cutting. It easily punctures any cheese to offer a more sanitary method of cutting without any physical handling. Perfect for special occasions and events where presentation matters, stainless steel cheese cutlery offers both long-lasting durability and an eye-catching appearance. This clincher also promotes safety by keeping hands away from knives while cutting. Sure to withstand everyday use in your home, catering operation, wine bar, or cafe, it boasts a durable stainless steel construction and smooth handle. Its design ensures an attractive appearance for your table every time. SPECS Length: 3-3/4 Inches Height: 3-3/4 Inches Handle Length: 3 Inches Cheese Type: All Cheeses Dishwasher Safe: Yes Handle Style: Single Handle Material: Stainless Steel • Helps hold cheese steady for efficient cutting • Easily punctures any cheese without physical handling • Promotes safety by keeping hands away from knives while cutting • Ensures sanitary service • Eye-catching smooth, stainless steel handle
Stainless Steel Serrated CHEESE Knife
Stainless Steel Serrated CHEESE Knife $13.77
Expertly cut cheeses with this stainless steel cheese knife. Semi-hard cheeses like cheddar or Swiss have lower moisture content than soft cheeses and undergo a process of being pressed into forms and held under pressure during the aging process. Due to its firmness, semi-hard cheese requires a sturdy blade that is also able to resist the stickiness that results from moisture in the cheese. The handle features a full tang design to provide added strength and stability, and the knife's stainless steel blade is built strong and will provide you with long-lasting use. The blade is designed with holes in the form of die-cut letters that spell "CHEESE" to prevent cheese from sticking to it, and the end of the blade is forked to provide the ability to serve after slicing. Plus, the satin finish gives a clean, contemporary look that fits in perfectly with any charcuterie board or cheese platter. Overall Dimensions: Blade Length: 3-1/4" Handle Length: 6-1/8" Overall Length: 9-3/8" Dishwasher Safe! Includes a full tang design for added strength and stability Features a unique blade with die-cut letters that spell "CHEESE" Forked end allows the cheese to be served after slicing Made of durable stainless steel Ideal for hard and semi-hard cheeses
Capora 3.5 lb. Spiced Chai Latte Mix, Restaurant and Coffee Shop High Quality, Barista Approved
Capora 3.5 lb. Spiced Chai Latte Mix, Re... $36.99
Enjoy a rejuvenating coffeehouse experience no matter the atmosphere with this spiced chai latte mix! Whether served from behind the counter or brought to the table alongside meals throughout service, this latte mix is sure to give your guests a caffeine jolt that keeps them coming back for more. The spiced flavor, with hints of warm spices and sweet tea notes, adds the perfect sweetness to this high-quality prepared beverage mix that pleases any palate. This 3.5 lb. bag yields 46 standard 8 oz. servings from one package and needs only liquid and ice to prepare, significantly increasing profit margins compared to other blended drinks that require numerous ingredients to achieve the same delicious flavors. This easy-to-use mix requires little prep work; simply blend with ice and water, or your milk of choice. Or, for a bolder flavor and added caffeine, this mix can even be blended with coffee! This versatile spiced chai latte mix allows you to concoct a variety of delectable drinks that satisfy different customer needs all from one package. Instead of blending, pour the prepared mix over a glass of ice for a dreamy chilled latte that's delicious in any weather. Or, for more traditional tea drinkers, heat your liquid of choice before stirring in the mix for a classic latte with a spicy twist. Large batches can even be prepared in a granita machine, making fast work of serving numerous patrons without the hassle of mixing individual drinks. No matter the application, this spiced chai latte mix is sure to make every customer a regular. Serve Frozen • Blended Spiced Chai Latte (16 oz yield) 3/8 cup (6 tbsp) Spiced Chai Latte Mix, 5 fl oz chilled coffee, milk, or water, 12 oz ice. Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend thoroughly until smooth and serve. • Spiced Chai Latte Granita (1.75-gallon yield) 2 quarts hot water, 1 package Spiced Chai Latte Mix, 5 quarts of cold water. Combine hot water and mix in a container. Stir until dissolved. Add cold water and stir to combine. Add the entire mixture to the bowl of your granita machine and freeze according to the manufacturer's instructions. Serve Hot or Iced • Hot Spiced Chai Latte (12 oz yield) 1/3 cup Spiced Chai Latte Mix, 10 fl oz hot water, milk, or dairy alternative. Combine frappe mix and your liquid of choice in a serving cup and stir to combine. • Iced Spiced Chai Latte (12 oz yield) 1/3 cup Spiced Chai Latte Mix, 10 fl oz hot water, milk, or dairy alternative. Combine frappe mix and your liquid of choice in a shaker. Shake for 30-60 seconds until thoroughly combined, then pour over ice and serve. • Premium caffeinated latte mix featuring a warm, spiced tea flavor • Simply mix with water or milk to craft the perfect chai tea latte • Versatile mix can be used to craft premium hot, iced, or blended beverages • Can be prepared in bulk when used with a granita machine • Yields (46) 8 oz. prepared servings per bag
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Reusable Silicone Bottle Stop, Stopper, Cover for Wine, Champagne, Set of 8
Reusable Silicone Bottle Stop, Stopper, ... $10.87 $15.99
Set of 8 Extends the life of open wine bottles and protects them by creating a leak-proof seal. Stoppers entirely enclose the bottle's opening. Simple to take off with a single tug. Can be used with additional long-necked bottles, such as balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Made of silicone Dishwasher Safe Lost your cork? Grab one of these! Top Width: 1-1/2" Bottom Width: 1-1/8" Height: 1-1/8"
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Dry Age Chef® Dry Ager Himalayan Salt Blocks, Set of 2
Dry Age Chef® Dry Ager Himalayan Salt Bl... $98.88 $149.95
Dry Age Chef® Dry Ager Himalayan Salt Blocks, Set of 2 Our large Dry Aging Himalayan salt blocks help to naturally regulate the humidity and add flavor, and minerals. The aerosolized salt/mineral molecules bonds to the surface of the beef, playing a large part in the dry aging process. They also provide an additional dimension of flavor to the meat during the enzymatic breakdown process. Original Dry Age Chef® Himalayan 8x8x2" Salt Blocks for Dry Agers • Aids in humidity control and flavor intensification during dry aging • Anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties • Real, naturally marbled pink salt 8" x 8" x 2" thick • Enhances the microclimate in your curing or dry aging cabinet • Infuses matured product with a touch of salt and minerals • Helps to regulate humidity in the cabinet • 8" x 8" x 2" thick for longevity • Fits the SALTAIR Salt Trays made by Dry Ager Dry Age Chef® Himalayan Salt Blocks are unique because we use high-quality Salt Rocks which is a key source for producing blocks that are consistent in color with fewer cracks visible. We cut our Salt Blocks no less than 2" thick, this dramatically increases the lifespan of the block. The thinner salt bricks are more likely to break, and crack and do not last as long as our 2" thick bricks. These salt bricks are anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial, all properties that protect naturally against bacterial invasion, and foodborne illnesses. Keep the slab clean and fresh without chemicals or other additives. The pink color of the salt creates a striking visual contrast with the other contents of your curing cabinet and provides excellent visual appeal whether your curing cabinet is in a butcher shop or a steakhouse. The salt should be placed on the tray to prevent any liquid that has come into contact with the salt from getting onto the surface of your cabinet. This block can last up to two to three years in use making it a worthwhile investment. It is recommended that the salt blocks be checked and dried regularly. Any liquid must be removed from on top of or around the block. Remember to keep your Dry Aging Salt dry, it melts! MSRP: $149.95 Sale Price: $98.88 Each slab measures 8" x 8" x 2" Dry Age Chef® Himalayan Dry Aging Salt Blocks #dryaging #dryager #himalayansalt #dryagechef #saltair #dryagingsalt #saltbrick #saltslab #saltblock #dryagechefsalt
Le Parfait 500ml Tapered French Glass Preserving Jar with Airtight Rubber Seal
Le Parfait 500ml Tapered French Glass Pr... $19.00
Le Parfait glassware has been authentically 100% made in France since the early 1930s and is recognized globally for superior quality. Rooted in culinary excellence, iconic Le Parfait glassware is designed with precision and crafted from natural materials to preserve HONEST, NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Shaped for sleek aesthetics and flawless function, Le Parfait products are hand-assembled in France's southern Auvergne region to provide a UNIQUE, ARTISAN PRESENTATION. Le Parfait marries traditional practice and modern lifestyle, connecting a global community that values superior health and gourmet tastes PRESERVING WHAT'S BEST. DESIGN: Rounded glass body - European chefs' traditional style for professional preserves. Wide opening and attached glass lid - facilitates quick handling and filling of bulk goods. Fluid interior curves - allows access to every morsel and freezer storage. FUNCTION: Wide range of volumes for lifestyle versatility - preserves, picnics, and presents! Easy sterilization and preparation - plus dishwasher-safe cleanup. Reusable and durable -- perfect for a lifetime of fulfilling your daily lifestyle demands. BEAUTY: Purity in design and materials - ensuring the finest taste for all your efforts. Embodies the rustic elegance of a French country kitchen - from Burgundy to Bordeaux. An impeccable canvas - inspiring culinary creativity for every presentation. L'ORIGINALE: Often imitated, but never replicated, Le Parfait endorses a versatile product range that can be confidently used for long-term preservation of food products, pantry organization, elegant counter and tabletop storage, gourmet food service, artful decoration, and glass packaging for the finest specialty goods. With timeless beauty, the Le Parfait brand nurtures popularity by responding to the modern trends of: Enjoying Healthy, Natural, Seasonal, and Local Food. Reducing Food Waste and Energy Consumption, Saving Money and Resources. Experiencing and Sharing the Enjoyment of Homemade Cooking and Entertaining. Presenting Artisan Gifts with Creativity and French-Country Décor. Preserving What's Best...of the Harvest, of your Lifestyle, of the World. Why Glass? TASTE: Glass preserves flavor so you are experiencing pure taste. ENVIRONMENT: Glass is natural and made from three simple ingredients: sand, limestone and soda ash, making glass infinitely recyclable. QUALITY: Glass says quality by itself. It's the only packaging material people are inspired to save, reuse, collect and display. HEALTH: Glass is non-reactive and an excellent protector of food. It is safe to use endlessly in your home so everyone is returning to glass packaging.
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Estella CG12 Electric Hard Cheese Grater - 120V, 1/2HP
Estella CG12 Electric Hard Cheese Grater... $589.99 $899.99
Choose a cheese grater that can meet your needs with this Estella CG12 electric hard cheese grater - 120V, 1/2HP. For those that use a lot of grated cheese for pizzas, breakfast foods, sandwiches, or baked goods, this grater is a great choice to process your own cheese for ultimate freshness. It can also be used with stale bread to make delicious bread crumbs. This model requires a 120V electrical connection and offers an output of 380W / 1400 RPM / 1/2 hp. Reliable Durability - Since this high-quality grater has a durable aluminum alloy body and a stainless steel grater roll, you can be sure it's made to last. This product will become a staple of your kitchen for years to come! Designed for Effectiveness - It has an opening that measures 2-1/2" x 4-5/16" to handle larger blocks of cheese. Grate up to 66 lb. of cheese per hour with this Estella CG12 electric hard cheese grate. Simple, Safe, and Convenient - It is easy to use with a simple on/off control, and the unit will not operate until the handle is pushed down in the proper position for increased safety. Plus, this machine is small enough to place on the countertop and it includes non-skid feet to keep it in place during operation. Grates up to 66 lb. of hard cheese per hour; can also be used with stale bread Durable aluminum alloy body with a stainless steel grater roll; opening measures 2-1/2" x 4-5/16" Easy-to-use on/off controls and safety feature Small enough to place on countertops; includes non-skid feet Microswitch ensures the unit will not run when the lever is raised CE Listed - This item complies with the standards imposed by the Conformance European (CE), a division of the Intertek group. Imported from Italy - This item is imported from Italy. 5-15P - This unit comes with a NEMA 5-15P plug. Width: 11-1/2 Inches Depth: 10-3/8 Inches Height: 11-3/4 Inches Opening Length: 4-5/16 Inches Opening Width: 2-1/2 Inches Hertz: 60 Hertz Voltage: 120 Volts Wattage: 380 Watts Application: Hard Cheese Horsepower: 1/2 HP Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel Origin: Italy Plug Type: NEMA 5-15P Pounds Per Hour: 66 lb. RPM: 1,400 RPM
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Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free & Vegan Egg Replacer 12 oz., 2 Pack
Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free & Vegan Egg R... $18.99
Our Gluten Free Vegan Egg Replacer is a simple, clean, and easy-to-use vegan baking essential. Great for muffins, cakes, cookies, quick bread, and more! Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Vegan Egg substitute is a vegan baking essential made with four simple and clean ingredients: potato starch, tapioca flour, baking soda, and psyllium husk fiber--no grains, soy, gluten, or beans. This proprietary powdered egg substitute is the perfect ingredient for egg-free baking and can be used in cakes, cookies, muffins, pancakes, quick bread, and more. It's so easy to use: just add water in varying amounts depending on if you are replacing an egg white, yolk, or whole egg. With each package containing the equivalent of 34 eggs, it's an economical choice as well. A great choice for those watching their cholesterol intake as it is cholesterol free! Produced in our dedicated gluten-free facility, it's safe for celiacs and is perfect for use with our gluten-free baking mixes! Just don't try to scramble it or make an egg white meringue--it's fantastic, but it's not magic! Check out our recipes tab for more ideas on how to incorporate our vegan egg replacement into your favorite dishes and baked goods. To Your Good Health Gluten-Free! This gluten-free product was handled exclusively in our dedicated gluten-free facility and tested for gluten free integrity in our quality control laboratory using an ELISA Gluten Assay test. Kosher! As a continued commitment to the quality of the products we make and sell, this product has been certified Kosher by OK Kosher Certification of Brooklyn, New York. Vegan! All Bob's Red Mill products are vegetarian. This product is also vegan, meaning it does not include eggs, dairy, or honey. Paleo! We offer many wholesome ingredients that are favored by folks who follow paleo, primal, or other grain-free diets, including nuts flours, starches, whole nuts, and seeds. Non-GMO Project Verified! Bob's Red Mill products are made without the use of bioengineering and use ingredients grown from identity-preserved seeds. Currently, more than 240 of our products have been verified with the Non-GMO Project. Visit NonGMOProject.org for the full list.